Impact through data, strategy and delivery

As a full-service data, strategy and delivery agency we encourage you to integrate strategic communications at the beginning of any project or campaign. This will ensure that your end goal is reached strategically – not by chance.

If you’re after a strategic and integrated plan for creating change – in opinion, behaviour, knowledge or reputation – then we’d be happy to talk.

89 Degrees East Client Charter

The 89 Degrees East Client Charter is our promise to you. It reflects our values and illustrates our integrity. When you work with our team, expect only the highest standards.

Clever, creative and connected

Bring clever, creative and connected ideas and direction to every project to deliver the best possible services and outcomes to every client.

Respect work, time and money

Respect each client’s work, time and money.

Honesty and integrity

Act with honesty and integrity. This includes giving honest advice to our clients, rather than what we think they want to hear.

Results within our power and capacity

Only guarantee results that are within our power and capacity to deliver.

Obey and honour

Obey all laws and public policies, honour our agreements with clients, and protect confidential information.


Do our very best to ensure all information we communicate in our work and dealings with clients is accurate.


Refrain from publicly representing conflicting or competing interests.

Inclusive and respectful

Respect and promote diversity in our workplace and our work, and be inclusive and respectful of other experiences, values and beliefs at all times.

A word from our founder,

Annie O’Rourke

2020 marks the 10 year anniversary of 89 Degrees East and I am so proud of what our clever, creative and connected staff have achieved in this time for our partners, the community and the Australian economy.

My goal for 89 Degrees East has always been to do meaningful work, achieve outstanding results and work with great people. We have an experienced and dynamic team covering all skill sets in five locations around Australia, and some international consultants as well. 

We are so grateful for the opportunity to work with so many good people and organisations who are working to improve the lives of Australians. This is what continues to inspire and motivate us. 

Team group shot

Our team

We have 30 clever, creative and connected hardworking team members across Australia. We listen to your challenges and design custom solutions that work. The experienced team we mobilise will be with you every step of the way.

Our team loves challenges.

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