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COSBOA / Australian Government

The Academy for Enterprising Girls was launched in December 2019 and has been extended through until 2023.

AEG is an initiative for girls aged 10-18 to learn skills in the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship, business and design thinking. And empower them to bring their ideas to life.

A key element of the success of the eLearning modules, website and social media engagement has been the vast array of video content. We produced fun and informative videos that enabled enterprising girls, their parents and educators, to hear directly from other girls who had started their own business and from successful female entrepreneurs across a range of themes. We also developed short 30 second animations to explain key words and concepts. 

In total there are over 120 videos and growing. Some are exclusively for the Academy’s online Campus (eLearning modules) and the rest are for all to see. Get a taste of this great content on this page and then go to the Enterprising Girls YouTube channel for the full suite.

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