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The National Stillbirth Webinar Series replaced the annual forum in 2020, which was disrupted by COVID-19.

The four-part webinar series (22 July – 12 August 2020) was a huge success with over 600 attendees joining us from across Australia and internationally.

2020 is a year we will never forget, with COVID-19 disrupting not only the plans for our forum to be held in Melbourne, but also the lives of so many pregnant women and their health care professionals. This webinar series had a strong emphasis on presenting learnings from the challenges presented by COVID-19 as well as updates on important current work by the Stillbirth CRE and our many partner organisations. 

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt launched the series and we thank him for his ongoing support of our work and thank you to all those who chaired, presented and attended the webinars to share their experiences and the outcomes of the important research done across the Stillbirth CRE family.

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