Annie O'Rourke

Chief Creative Officer

Byron Bay & Canberra

Annie is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of 89 Degrees East, a role she loves because “it allows me everyday to work alongside some of the brightest, creative and connected individuals in the country”.

Through her 30 years of experience in strategic communications, media and public relations, Annie is well respected throughout government, political and private sectors. She’s been a Senior Advisor to a Prime Minister, the founding CEO of Media Team Australia, and has directed major Federal Government campaigns.

She is passionate about how technology can contribute to social policy outcomes and makes the world a better place. Annie’s favourite social campaign from the past is the Anti-Apartheid Movement, which was the first campaign she became aware of people power and how people achieved amazing results through the election of Nelson Mandela.

On a personal note, Annie loves doing the Byron Bay Lighthouse walk and is a keen ocean swimmer.

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