Elly Downing

Elly Downing

Senior Graphic Designer

Byron Bay

Elly has accumulated a solid CV of graphic and digital design achievements, including being part of the Polished Man creative team that raised over $1.7 million dollars in 2018 to help end violence against children.

Elly is passionate about sustainable food production and permaculture, and would love more people to be eating home-grown food from their backyard (or a community garden for those short on space). She’s also a keen surfer and snowboarder (depending on the season) and enjoys beach walks with her Golden Retriever, Kobe. And did you know that Elly swam at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Trials?

Elly’s favourite social movement is the UN campaign ‘HeforShe’, not only because of its message of gender equality, but from a professional point of view, she was extremely impressed by its design collateral. And given one magic power, Elly would love to travel back through time and reverse climate change.

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