Richard Thompson

Head of Studio


Richard is a South African-born designer who has spent the last 10 years honing his traditional and digital art direction & design skills. His experience has had him working with some of the biggest agencies globally and on some of the most well-loved brands. He is a passionate individual with a love of beautiful design and a drive to create meaningful work, and because of this, he has joined our team as the Head of Studio to support and uplift our already amazing creative talent.  

Richard has an extensive background and working knowledge of all things advertising – along his journey, he has won some awards and used his talents and position to do good in his local communities. He believes that we can change the world with the biggest brands at our side.

He is also our resident nerd with a love of all things fantasy. Richard spends his spare time exploring dungeons, gathering magic, and binging books and movies across the genre.  

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