A guide to filming on your mobile phone

We have put the trusty mobile phone to the test many times when creating content for ourselves and our clients and thought we would share some handy tips so that you can do the same. Get your phone out and get ready to press record, just like a real content creator.

Follow these top tips for recording a video message to connect with your clients, customers or colleagues:


  • Stand one metre away from the camera 
  • Frame the shot from your waist to just above your head 
  • Ensure the camera is recording at your eye level


  • Always record in landscape mode (horizontal) 
  • Once the phone is recording wait a few seconds before you start speaking and equally don’t stop the recording as soon as the presentation ends – this will help with the post-production edits.  
  • Unless you have a dual-lens smartphone or camera accessories, avoid using the digital zoom.
  • Make sure the image is steady by putting your phone on a stand or tripod. If you are going to hold your phone, use both hands, and lock your elbows into your body to keep your phone steady while recording.  


  • Avoid being backlit or having a window behind you
  • Use natural light to your advantage by recording with your body facing a window or door
  • Avoid having direct sunlight on your face and be mindful of shadows
  • Use a ring light if you have one


  • Ensure you’re in focus. Ask your recorder to double tap your face on the screen
  • Or if you’re filming yourself, place a prop where you would be positioned in the shot and focus this prop before taking its place


  • Make sure clothing is not touching your mic if you’re wearing one. No one likes that scratching sound in a recording.
  • Avoid wearing stripes that can strobe on camera
  • Identify a colour palette that compliments and reflects your brand to apply to styling options for the event.  


  • Avoid recording in front of a blank wall
  • Find a clean uncluttered location for each participant to style for the background.
  •  Options to include:
    • delivery of fresh flowers in coordinated colour theme 
    • bight coloured vase to match, 
    • custom artwork (this can be a simple pattern artwork developed by your designer to complement the overall theming)


  • Record inside to ensure better sound quality 
  • Avoid recording in a room where there is an echo 
  • Use airpods or headphones if the audio captured by the phone’s microphone is poor 
  • Re-record if interrupted by outside noise e.g. pets or leaf blowers


  • Look at the camera lens, not the phone 
  • Engage with the camera and use your hands to help tell the story 
  • Speak slowly and clearly 
  • Prepare what you would like to say ahead of time
  • Stick to the recommended recording time


Jess Tancred

These handy tips have been put together by our team member Jess who has a background in news production and also has spent time in front of the camera as a reporter. We look forward to seeing what you come up with, and enjoy engaging with your customers in a much more mobile way.

Our team loves challenges.

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