Australian Energy Compendium – 2024

Understanding the energy transition

The Australian Energy Compendium is designed to demystify some of the language and concepts around the transformative energy transition.

The Australian Energy Compendium has over 160 terms, compiled to help
you understand the language of the energy transition.

Australia is on a transformative journey towards a sustainable and innovative energy future. The path ahead is marked by significant change, reshaping our lives, industries and even our language.

Australia is well-positioned to lead the global energy revolution, however, to be successful, we need everyone on the journey.

Critical for this transformation is effective communication and that starts with a shared vocabulary that supports a widespread understanding of complex concepts.

Our Australian Energy Compendium is designed to be accessible and demystify some of the language and concepts. We know there is currently a critical gap between the information available and the public’s understanding of it.

This is our inaugural edition, and we invite you to contribute your suggestions and feedback via [email protected] to enrich the next edition.

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