To speak? Or not to speak? That is the question
(and the fear for many of us)

“According to most studies, people’s number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death … this means to the average person, if you go to a funeral you’re better off in the casket than doing the eulogy.” — Jerry Seinfeld Forget spiders, heights and even death. Of all the possible things to be afraid […]

Our Future World Megatrends – what do they mean for our health and wellbeing?

While the airwaves and public consciousness were dominated by global and national events such as the election of the Albanese Government, the Ukraine crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic, a landmark report largely went unnoticed. Our Future World by Australia’s flagship national science agency, the CSIRO, released in July 2022, is essential reading for anyone in […]

12 highlights of Christmas

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly not been without its challenges…toilet paper shortages, working-from-home, increased screen time, home schooling and social awkwardness became a way of life. In the midst of all this and as we approach the holiday season, we took time to reflect on some of our highlights across the year that was. The […]

Ready. Set. Vaxxed. Workforce Research Report

Ready. Set. Vaxxed. Research Report Cover

89 Degrees East has developed Ready. Set. Vaxxed – a research report highlighting the 6 essential actions to support your workforce as they navigate the new COVID-normal. As business owners, the ‘new normal’ can be challenging for your and your staff. These insights from industry leaders will help you discover what you need to do […]

Making the impossible possible – ending inequity for people with disabilities

Tokyo 2020 Paralympic athletics

The welcome announcement this week that Australian Paralympic medallists will be rewarded equally with our Olympic medallists, raises the question: why stop at the sporting arena? In Tokyo, the Olympic and Paralympic athletes provided the perfect distraction from our pandemic blues, transporting us from our locked down homes. And inspiring us with their phenomenal performances, […]

Alister Jordan will stay on as 89 Degrees East CEO

Alister Jordan CEO headshot

89 Degrees East is pleased to announce that Alister Jordan will continue as Chief Executive Officer and has become a 50 per cent equity partner of the company. With this investment and change in ownership structure 89 Degrees East is well positioned to accelerate growth through offering a strong alternative to the major consultancy firms. […]

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